Saturday, November 22, 2008

OFF TO LONDON - stop shipping of tees

This is the day!
leaving by Singapore Airlines at 11.45pm.
will reach London Heathrow at 5.45am.

the shipping of tees will be stopped until i come back again which is on 24 Dec 2008.
those who paid during this period will have to wait until 24 Dec to get the tees shipped.

thx for all the support and God Bless~ (:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going to London this Sunday! 23 Nov

i'm going to UK this Sunday 11.45pm. yeay finally!
would go to London, then Loughborough University, Amsterdam, Paris, then i'll find my sister at Newcastle, hopefully can go to scotland or manchester.

Loughborough University looks like a really old English building and they have got really great scenery. great environment which is very different from singapores!

so far the tees has been selling quite well, i'm still left with 200 tees ! thats alot left! well, alot was sold tooo! (:

will try to update this blog with pics during my trip. if i can get hold of any computers! ^^ well guys thx for all the support! enjoy life~

*photos taken from loughborough University.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank You for Supporting LMGTL tee

thank you for supporting my little project. (:

Friday, October 31, 2008

LMGTL banner

save it and put it in your websites (:

LMGTL featured on Fantastic Blognanza~

check it out Fantastic Blognanza (:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Send me your photos!

hi people please send me a photo of you wearing LMGTL tee!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LMGTL tee featured on "iloveyourtshirt"

LMGTL tee was featured on iloveyourtshirt.

Thx David.

LMGTL tee featured on "visteadecuadamente"

LMGTL tee was featured on visteadecuadamente, thx Sven for posting it. I used babelfish to translate the spanish into english, here it what it says 

"A mail has arrived us from Edwin, student of Beautiful Arts in Singapore. Its dream is to go to the United Kingdom to study in the Louborough University and for this nesecita it grazes, clearly. Its idea was to simply produce a t-shirt expressing its desire “Dejadme to go to London” and to sell it through his blog Let me go to London. The design is really tuna. It is the graphical style that this fashionable one that way between Tokyo and Hong Kong. Cami costs 17 $ more 6 $ international expenses of shipment. We go, our friend deserves to go to London:)"

I'm not sure what it means by "the design is really tuna". haha. but i'll take that as a compliment. (:

Gracias Sven. Please visit his website

T-shirt measurement

I was told by my friend, Ben, that the t-shirt sizing is not complete, so i took out the ruler and measured them. Thx Ben~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Airmail Delivery Time

Here is the "AirmailTransitTime" that i got from the post office webpage.

More photos of "Let Me Go To London" T-shirt

i will update my design process soon. 

so here are the details again.

Price * S$25 / $17 USD *each

Delivery charges:
Singapore - FREE (standard mail)
International - $6 USD

Payment Method:
Cash On Delivery(Singapore only), PayPal,  Bank Transfer

Buy it HERE

tee photos

Here are some photos of the t-shirt

"Let Me Go To London" T-SHIRT for sale

Let Me Go To London is my self-initiated project to raise fund for my school trip to the UK. This tee is silk-screened onto 100% soft-touch cotton. The printing and cotton quality is of the best quality available in the market.

My school trip would cost me around S$7k, going to London, Louborough University, Amsterdam and some other europe cities. This would not be able to completely cover the cost but this fund raising will definately subsidise part or it.

Limited quantity: 400 pieces

T-shirt sizes : 
XS : (w) 41cm x (h) 60cm 
S : (w) 43cm x (h) 63cm 
M : (w) 46cm x (h) 70cm 
L : (w) 50cm x (h) 70cm

Shipped from Singapore. 
Delivery time is 7-21 days, varies with countries.
Items will be shipped the next day upon payment.

PriceS$25 / $17 USD each

Delivery charges:
Singapore - FREE (standard mail)
International - $6 USD

Payment Method:
Cash On Delivery(Singapore only), PayPal, Bank Transfer

Buy it HERE